window boards

Bullnose window boards are suitable for most standard installations.  Profiles are available in white as standard and a range of foiled finishes.  Matching end caps are also available to neatly finish any installation.

Profiles can be installed over a sound existing timber window cill using general purpose adhesive.  Joints between the back of the window board and the adjoining frame may be neatly finished with one of a wide range of interior trims available from the Plaslyne range.

bullnose window boards (9mm)

bullnose window board
CodeDescriptionPack QtyColour/Finish
FBB150 150mm 2 x 5m W
FBB175 175mm 2 x 5m W, WG, LO, RW
FBB200 200mm 2 x 5m W
FBB225 225mm 2 x 5m W, WG, LO, RW, Q
FBB250 250mm 2 x 5m W
FBB300 300mm 2 x 5m W
FBB405 405mm 1 x 5m W

rigid window boards (3mm)

solid window board
CodeDescriptionPack QtyColour/Finish
PWB175 175mm 2 x 5m B
PWB245 245mm 2 x 5m B
PWB*CAP 100mm End Cap Box 50 B


CodeDescriptionPack QtyColour/Finish
FWBC Window Board Channel 20 x 5m W
FBEC300 300mm Bullnose End Cap Pack 10 W, WG, LO, RW, Q
FBEC135 135mm Bullnose End Cap Pack 5 W

Colour Codes

white white Mahogany Mahogany Light Oak Light Oak Rosewood Rosewood     Light Oak Light Oak      
W/B= White WG = Mahogany LO = Light Oak RW = Rosewood   Q = Irish Oak
(special order only)

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